Lift up to 50t with this truck mounted crane

Truck mounted telescopic cranes provide the flexibility needed for a variety of worksites and applications. They reduce the manpower required on site, can help minimise site costs, shorten preparation time and require less space thanks to their compact dimensions.

The Locatelli TCL 55.50, pictured here, delivers excellent all-round lifting capability combined with the convenience of transporting the crane to wherever it’s needed.
Counterweights and outriggers provide stability when lifting and help to spread the weight of the crane and its load across the ground.

Key features of the TCL 55.50:

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 50,000kg
  • Boom length: 10.1 – 37.2m
  • Maximum boom height: 41.2m
  • Maximum working radius: 32m
  • Travelling dimensions: 11.0m (L), 2.5m (W), 3.9m (H)
  • Total weight: 32,000kg

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Locatelli TCL 55.50

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