The Locatelli GRIL 55.50 – A perfect example of a rough terrain crane

Rough terrain cranes are powerful and versatile machines to have on a work site. They can travel over unfavourable ground conditions (gravel and mud) where other cranes would struggle and offer a compact lifting solution as the cab is used for both driving and operating the crane. They also carry their own counterweight which makes for a quick set-up so you can get to work.

The Locatelli GRIL 55.50 is the perfect example of what a rough terrain crane can offer.

  • Travelling dimensions: 10.9m (L), 2.5m (W), 3.5m (H)
  • Travelling speed: 23mph
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 50ton
  • Boom length: 9.4 – 37.2m
  • Maximum boom height: 40m extending to 48m with fly jib
  • Maximum working radius: 32m

Its fully hydraulic boom can be used on tyres only as well as with outriggers deployed for extra stability.

The GRIL 55.50 delivers the right combination of lifting power, flexibility and price, with no compromise on quality.

Locatelli GRIL 55.50

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